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June / July 2023

While some people have swimming pools or a jacuzzi in their back garden, I have a pond about the size of a small coffee table. It doesn’t have stone nymphs spouting water or even any goldfish, but it’s a wonderful wildlife magnet. Water boatman skate across the pond surface and birds come to drink. All spring I’ve been hoping to see tadpoles, without luck, then, last week, I turned over a stone and discovered a beautiful, tiny toad. It may not seem very much, but considering that a year ago my back garden was a sterile patio, it seems like a miracle. Perhaps we have to accept that all of life evolves slowly and not always in ways we expect. Charlie Smith visited Southsea by chance and eventually moved here, see Welcome Home (p.18). Neil Maxwell discusses the changing housing market (p.16), while Elios Stone describes how he found peace and happiness after a life of addictions (p.11). If you are interested in making small changes to your garden to make it wildlife friendly, you might start by joining Wilder Portsmouth, and become part of the ever growing Wilder community.

Kevin John Dean


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