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4 study habits for the new academic year

Written by Howard Jones, of Love to Learn

By early September it’s back to business after the freedom and fun of the summer holidays. Let’s hope our children will have the initial excitement and enthusiasm for a new year motivating them through the first half term. Forming a few good habits early can help them when facing new challenges later.

Effective study skills can often make good students into great students, and so here are 4 useful study habits to help your child get the most out of their learning this year.

1. Study Planner

Schools let children know the topics they will be studying nowadays. A long term plan of the year ahead helps to focus their learning and avoid last minute cramming before exams.

2. Study Schedule

Sticking to regular homework sessions on a timetable will make life easier, as it becomes part of the daily routine. A calendar and a weekly plan leading up to due dates will give everyone a clear view and help in allocating time to getting things done.

3. Study Time

Designate a ‘communication blackout hour’, or until homework is done; no phones, messages, gaming or TV.

4. Study Space

Create a study area away from above distraction. Ideally a quiet, well lit area, having materials and equipment to hand including spare reading glasses if needed.

We don’t think that parents should have to do all the work, so this kind of support for children is a good way to help them take responsibility. Generally the rule of thumb is, if you are working harder on their homework than they are, it is time to back off!

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