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An important message from Father Christmas

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Southsea Lifestyle are privileged to have been sent a special email from the man himself, which he asked us to print. We are only too happy to oblige…

John Worsey

Dear People of Portsmouth,

Season’s Greetings! I write to fill you with festive cheer — my elves and I are ready to bring joy to you and those you love once more.

We are loading up the sleigh, sprinkling the reindeer with magic snowflakes that help them fly, and mapping a route to take us right around the world on Christmas Eve, missing no chimney whatsoever — no local lockdown will stop us!

Preparing for this Christmas has been a time like no other. Never before have we had to deep-cleanse the toy workshop between each shift. More importantly, never before have we had to bring quite so much happiness to the world.

You might be wondering if this Christmas can really feel like Christmas at all, what with the virus making people sick and scared and everything. So take it from me — in times like these, we need Christmas more than ever.

Try a little experiment for me. Close your eyes and think of Christmas for a moment — then open them again and read on… Done that? Good.

Now, how did that make you feel? There’s no right answer. Maybe it made you happy. Or perhaps it brought a tear to your eye, or a little pulse of anger — perhaps because you can’t see someone you love this year, or can’t afford to buy presents you wish you could.

But remember this: Christmas is not about what you can’t do. It’s about what you can do. And what you can do — this year, every year, no matter what — is give the world your love.

You might be thinking ‘what a soppy old man.’ You would be right! I certainly am — and proud of it. Now, what am I wittering on about?

Well, of course an act of love might come in gift wrap. But really, an act of love is simply showing someone you care about them. You don’t even need to know them well. They might be someone who serves you in a shop. Someone who delivers you a takeaway. Someone who pops the Christmas cards through your letterbox.

This year, a lot of people are a little bit worried about the future. A little bit sad about the year they’ve had. A little bit tired and grumpy and sensitive. So when you see another person, give them a gift from me and you: a good deed. A kind word. Or just a smile (even masked, a smile shows in your eyes).

This Christmas, what will make the season truly bright are magical acts of love created by you. Speaking of which, I will relish those mince pies you leave for me; most kind!

I wish you a Merry Christmas, and, with all my heart, a Happy New Year.
Your friend,

Santa Claus

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