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April / May 2018

Occasionally people refer to Southsea Lifestyle as being a hyperlocal magazine. Doesn’t sound very glamorous I know, but the term reflects the fact that our entire focus is upon the local community, something that we are very proud of. It does mean we don’t get to interview international movie stars, or review holidays in Barbados, but we’ve found over the years, that people in our tight knit community love seeing and reading about people and places on their doorstep.

The more space we give to our local writers, photographers, businesses and charities the more we get back in return and the quality can be amazing.

This issue is a particularly good example, we’ve managed to pack in some great articles about our public places, Albert Road, local sport, local wildlife, art & culture and so much more…

Regrettably, we can’t print everything that gets sent to us, which is why it’s worth checking out our ever growing website, where we have more space for more articles and events: or our Facebook page which is updated constantly.

Kevin John Dean

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