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April / May 2021

We do love a theme at Southsea Lifestyle, but the one running through this edition is more by happenstance than design…

It started with an article by the Portsmouth Bee Keepers, see p. 46, about the plight of the bumble bee, in fact all bees, facing habitat loss and insecticides. Followed by Emma Beatty’s piece about Southsea’s Elm trees, see p.44. We’d already written about cycling in the city, p.48, when along came a riveting article from the University of Portsmouth about climate change and how Portsmouth will be affected i n the future, see p.20.

So there we have it, a mini environmental edition at a time when many of us are focusing on what life might look like, post-pandemic, business as usual, or a more enlightened approach t hat takes into account our reliance upon the natural world?

None of us know what the future holds, but what is so impressive about COVID-19 is that the world community, despite its squabbles, has found ways of not just coping with the infection, but in finding a cure — via a vaccine.

Our environmental problems may not be solved quiet so simply, but by working together, both locally and globally, there is enormous hope.

Kevin John Dean

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