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April / May 2023

Does every spring feel as though its been such a long time coming? Maybe it’s the unusual cold snaps in our normally mild coastal climate that seem to have assailed us all winter? Or maybe it’s the continual reports about the cost of living, energy prices, or the various political shenanigans that have made us weary? Either way, I’m looking forward to putting my overcoat at the back of the wardrobe and growing some pansies in my window box. I’m not the only person, it seems, to be looking forward to ‘the warm winds of spring and summer’, Neil Maxwell (p.14). And Daniel Nowland has spotted some ‘little teasers of spring in the air’ (p.36). Daniel goes on to talk about his travels to Greece and its tasty cuisine, which sounds amazing and restorative, but at the moment I’d just be happy with a warm sunny day on Southsea Beach.

Kevin John Dean


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