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Aug / Sept 2017

At 12 years old, half way through my guitar solo – playing to a packed village hall in east Dorset, my mind went blank. I stood motionless, unsure what to do next, neither did the audience, until someone began clapping. Soon the entire crowd was applauding wildly.

It was a memorable experience, not just because I realised I wasn’t destined to become the next Jimmy Page, but because although I may not have realised it at the time, most people love to support each other, and that the shared experience of music helps us to be better people. Think of all the concerts to help combat homophobia and racism, to raise money for the victims of war and famine, or the recent bombings in Manchester. Whatever your thoughts about Victorious Festival, and whatever your preferred genre of music, there is something there for everyone, but most of all it’s an event for us to enjoy and share as a community. See our feature devoted to the festival (p.34).

You could argue Southsea is at its best in the summer, and we have several pages that also celebrate taking time out by the seaside (p.28) or choosing the best food to eat at this time of year (p.47). We are having some time off over August ourselves so there won’t be a September issue of Southsea Lifestyle, but we will be back in early October. Have a good one!

Kevin John Dean

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