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Choosing a diamond

Barbara Tipple  

When choosing a diamond, it is important to have the help of an experienced manufacturing jeweller who will guide you through the many pitfalls.  

Recently, Barbara Tipple acquired on consignment three ‘identical’ diamonds from our reputable diamond cutters. One diamond from Antwerp, and two from London. Each weighing 2cts and all E Vs2 quality. All the same?… No. Only one of the diamonds was amazing, the ‘make’ was so superior that it far outshone the others in brilliance and diameter. The client saw this immediately.  

Our diamonds are cut and polished in Antwerp. The diamond cutters there are renowned for the finest proportion and polish. This is very important for the brilliance of the diamond. All of our diamonds are hand chosen to ensure you get the very finest diamond from ethical sources.   

Transparency is very important when purchasing a diamond. All imported rough diamond material must follow the Kimberly process. A commitment followed to remove conflict diamonds from the supply chain, whilst maintaining a stringent ethical focus when removing the rough diamonds from the ground.   


Handmade platinum side set diamond engagement ring.

Handmade platinum side set diamond engagement ring


Lab-grown diamonds are not as ethical as first marketed. They have a massive carbon footprint just to be made. They are being produced in such large quantities that the price to purchase has dropped from minus 50% of natural diamonds to minus 98%. They are no longer a luxury product.  

 Knowledge is key when making such an important purchase. Visit Barbara Tipple in Marmion Road or their new Petworth gallery where it will be their pleasure to assist you in choosing the perfect diamond for you and your loved one.

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