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Cooking Through Covid

Image credit: Carrie Lavers Photography

The ‘C’ word has rocked our world this year, from how we socialise, to what we’re eating. The panic buying we saw in March made many of us realise we had been taking our food supply chains for granted. Whilst the egg and flour shortage was short lived, it was created by an increase in demand, not a shortage in supply. Covid didn’t change the amount of eggs our hens lay, or the ability of farmers to produce wheat. However – we saw a huge increase in people cooking from scratch to pass the time at home. Hopefully some of the sourdough virgins are still baking, and sharing the love of warm bread with their friends and family. 

Learning to cook from scratch is a valuable skill, regardless of any pandemic. It can save you money, bring a dimension of content, and give you better nourishment and nutrition than pre-prepared or processed foods. Jamie Oliver’s “5 Ingredients: Quick & Easy Food” is 

an amazing book for helping you turn simple and humble ingredients into something delicious, quickly and easily.

For many people, lack of confidence and organisation can be the biggest barriers to cooking at home. I would always advocate giving your kitchen a de-clutter, investing in a good sharp knife and if possible, try to plan some of your meals for the week before you go out 

food shopping. Having the correct ingredients at hand will make you more likely to cook, and less likely to cave and order 

a take-out! 

We’re all aware now more than ever of the importance of eating well, for the benefit of our bodies and our immune systems. This doesn’t have to involve “dieting”, but could simply be eating more fresh veg and less processed food, whilst still enjoying the odd sweet treat or take-out. A trip to a local independant food store, or the Hampshire farmers market could be the inspiration you need to enjoy some delicious seasonal fruit and veg.  

Living on the South Coast, we’re lucky to have tonnes of nutritious food growing on our doorstep, whether it’s tomatoes from the Isle of Wight, or incredible root veg from Hampshire. If you’re looking to up your veg intake, you could check out local veg ninja’s Bellord & Brown. Their instagram is full of the good stuff, and they also offer home delivery to the Portsmouth & Southsea area.

Covid may have taken a lot of our freedoms, but let’s not let it take our love of cooking and good food. Stay safe and eat well people!

Daniel will be writing further features about the food world for Southsea Lifestyle, look out for his next article in our Nov/Dec edition.

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