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December 2016

Have you noticed that there are two camps of people at this time of year? There’s those who absolutely love Christmas and others that are… indifferent to the occasion. It’s often an opening line at parties, “Are you a fan of Christmas?” For those of you that are not sure how to answer that question, here’s a mini test to help you decide:

A You like to buy most of your Christmas gifts by the end of November?

B You add up the cost of sending all your family and friends Christmas cards by post and decide to send email greetings instead?

A You have a festive wardrobe, consisting of something sparkly, or a wooly jumper covered in reindeer motifs?

B You have an unwanted present at the back of your wardrobe which you plan to give to someone else for Christmas this year?

If your answers were all A, then well done, you are a lover of Christmas! If you answered mainly B, you are ‘indifferent’. Or perhaps, like me, you are a little bit of both? Whatever your opinion of Christmas, we hope you enjoy reading this, our rather seasonal issue. We won’t be publishing a January edition but will be back in February. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Kevin John Dean

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