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December / January 2022/23

We love our Christmas cover, designed by Lorna Apps-Woodland. Lorna also designed our Christmas cover in 2016, which almost feels like half a lifetime ago, after the two ‘lost years’ or more of COVID, and now this difficult year, with its various economic problems due to war and politics. The temptation is to either: (a) go for a news blackout, (b) become a bit depressed, (c) drink lots of cocktails and eat cake.

I suppose the answer is somewhere in between, and as Charla Grant suggests (p.20), feeling connected to one another and nurturing a sense of belonging ‘is fundamental to our wellbeing and happiness’. And if you are going to drink cocktails it’s probably a good idea to eat something nourishing on the side, see Daniel Nowland’s piece about party food (p.36).

Joe Moser has obviously found a sense of belonging in his wonderfully refurbished home, filled with colour and light (p.22). You can see more of Joe and Simon’s fabulous home on our website, where you can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

Kevin John Dean


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