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February / March 2019

I must have been an odd child, while other 12 year old boys were playing football or hanging out with their mates, I was collecting antiques. Within a year I had filled my bedroom with jumble sale finds, or broken furniture rescued from skips. My poor beleaguered parents, with no interest in such things, would be persuaded to take me on a tour of antique shops, where after much searching I’d spend my pocket money on a George III sixpence or a Doulton cup and saucer.

But then, as often happens in youth, the passion waned and my treasures were quietly forgotten. So I was fascinated to hear about the life of John Cameron who has continued his life long interest in antiques and is often seen on TV’s Cash in the Attic, see p.44. We’ve also included a review of some of the city’s antique and vintage shops p.46.

In fact, this issue is filled with people who have a passion for something, from playing rugby p.62, to making gin and rum p.40. Perhaps you have a keen interest that you’d like to share, if so, do get in touch?

Kevin John Dean

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