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February March 2021

I’ve always cried easily especially during movies. I had to pretend I had hay fever when I went on a date to see Schindler’s List at the local multiplex. The Pursuit of Happiness I’ve watched three times, but I’ve always viewed the ending through a fog of snotty tears.

We all have our emotional triggers of course. My mother would cry at the end of a family holiday, B&B owners, or hotel receptionists would look sideways as mum sobbed like a baby as she tried to tell them what a lovely time she’d had. Acts of kindness can be extremely moving and the COVID-19 crisis has led people to be incredibly kind to one another.

One example is The Lifehouse, p.42 which has been helping the homeless and anyone in need of food and comfort throughout the pandemic. And if you are feeling in need of encouragement or looking for a sense of hope, I recommend you read Charla’s article Crumbs of Joy, see p.30, while Malissa Sledmere suggests ways of streaming the latest independent films to our screens p.40 — you might even find a movie to bring a tear to your eye?

Kevin John Dean

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