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Festive Feasting

by Daniel Nowland


Let’s face it, Christmas is going to be odd this year. It’s too early to know how odd, but our celebrations are likely to be smaller, quieter, and for some, they will be emotional. Whatever this Christmas looks like, we can all hopefully enjoy the company of our nearest and dearest, and Covid cannot stop us from enjoying some fabulous food.
It’s so tempting to over-shop, over-cater and over-eat during December, leading to guilt and dieting in January. However, this doesn’t need to be the case. With some thought and planning we can use December to indulge in the very best food we can, in a quantity which won’t leave us reaching for the Rennie.
It is really worth spending an evening with a pile of recipe books, and planning some meals for key dates in the diary, whether it’s having a friend over or even for the big day itself. If you’ve always wanted to try making your own pasta, now may be the time! Homemade ravioli filled with chestnuts and blue cheese would make a fabulous starter on Christmas day. Not sure how to make filled pasta? We run filled pasta making classes at The Southsea Deli!
Regardless of pandemics, Christmas food shopping is a time to vote with your wallet for shops you respect and believe in. If that means buying everything from one supermarket, then so be it. If that means shopping at small independent local stores, then I know for certain those businesses will really appreciate your support. Often those smaller stores will be passing that custom down the chain to their local, independent suppliers too.
In my own store, the majority of our suppliers are small independent artisans. Therefore, Christmas is an opportunity for many of us to make up for the losses we’ve encountered through the year, especially this year!
Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, meat- eating, or like myself, “flexitarian”, then Christmas is a great opportunity to trade up to some great quality vegetables, cheeses, cured meats and sweet treats, from local trusted producers. Rather than buying your canapés frozen from a supermarket, this is definitely the year to do some planning and make them yourselves, even if it is a party of two!
Christmas Hamper
As a one-off this Christmas, we are giving away a luxury deli hamper to someone who needs a special treat. We’re inviting readers of Southsea Lifestyle to nominate someone in Southsea who really deserves a special hamper, for any reason related to the COVID pandemic, or even for another reason entirely, you decide. To nominate someone for this lovely surprise, please go to Christmas Hamper Competition

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