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Herbies top tips for cutting food costs

As food prices rise, the natural inclination is to seek out the supermarkets for cut price deals. But there is another, possibly more wholesome alternative. Jim Harbridge talks about what his health food shop, Herbies has to offer: “I think people assume our products are expensive or only for vegans, but in fact we cater for all diets and by shopping wisely we think our foodstuffs are better value than any supermarket. For example, we sell a kilo of top quality porridge oats, for £1.40 which is a great way to start the day, or some very tasty tinned curries for about £1.60 which, served with rice will serve 2 – 3 people, also perfect for camping. And how about some nuts and seeds for snacking? Or make a big chilli or spag bol with some soya mince for £2.24. And if it’s convenience you are after, we sell nut roasts or soya sausages to pop in the oven. Plus, customers can make savings by bulk buying essentials, such as a case of oat milk or a 5 litre detergent bottle, something you can’t readily do at a supermarket.

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“We also stock some great laundry products and toiletries which are good for our customers and good for the planet, and if people bring a suitable container, we can cut the packing costs such as Bio D laundry liquid, which will save you over a third of the price for a refill. Our popular Faith in Nature range will save you over a quarter of the original price if a customer brings a refill bottle. And if people can’t get to the shop or they are shielding, we deliver to people’s homes, free of charge,” said Jim.

“Without sounding too preachy, we need to find a way of reducing our plastic packaging and moving away from unhealthy convenience food. In many ways, I think we are setting the trends for the big food retailers, and if it helps the planet and people’s health I don’t mind in the slightest,” said Jim with a big smile.

Herbies Health Store
241 Albert Road, Southsea PO4 0JR
tel: 02392 753458


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