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June / July 2019

As a lad I remember rugby tackling a boy who was shooting magpies with an air rifle. To be fair, he felt he was doing good, as magpies do predate on other bird’s eggs and chicks. Whereas one could argue, that we should interfere with nature as little as possible.

Regrettably, humans have been interfering with nature for thousands of years, and now the chickens, or maybe the magpies, have come home to roost, and we now face a climate change emergency and huge species loss. I therefore thought the very least we could do is to reflect these issues in our editorial content.

Neil Maxwell talks about us taking responsibility for the environment, Sarah Nunn writes about plastic litter and Tobi Stidolph has written a short piece about music festivals and their green credentials. In case you are wondering, Southsea Lifestyle is published on paper from sustainable forests and it’s printed in Portsmouth.

We are planning more articles about the environment for future editions, so if you want to tell us what you are doing to mitigate your impact upon the environment please get in touch, see below.

Kevin John Dean

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