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May 2017

Amongst my regular emails, some welcome, some not so welcome, I like to read a couple of digital ‘life enhancing’ newsletters*. Recent topics include: ‘How to feel rich without money’, ‘20 ways to spring clean your life’ and ‘High fibre foods for a super charged digestive tract’. One of my favourite posts explained why time seems to speed up as we get older.

Apparently, once we reach our mid-twenties we encounter less new experiences; we’ve kinda done it all before. With less new information to process, we pay less attention to what’s happening around us, so that months and years seem shorter.

One new experience that I readily recall from my childhood is walking on a pier. It may not have been South Parade Pier, but stepping onto the historic structure a few days ago, after some four years of closure, felt like a very new experience to me. John Worsey has also taken a promenade along the pier, and reflects upon its possible future, (p.11-13). In the near future we can look forward to the annual Portsmouth Festivities in June, see the programme of events, (p.30 & 31), while Andy Johnson considers the future of the fishing industry, (p.8 & 9).

Incidentally, there is, it seems, a way to stop time from flying by as we age: by giving every moment, no matter how ordinary, extra attention and making time last longer. So if you see a middle aged man, staring intently at the world around him, don’t be concerned, I’m just trying to enjoy every single moment.

Kevin John Dean

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