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No Distractions

black lives matter portsmouth
Following the Black Lives Matter protests in the summer, photographer Charlotte Griffiths began to photograph people of colour living in Portsmouth
It seems a long time ago now, but on June 27th a friend and I, along with my 10 year old daughter, joined the Black Lives Matter march from Guildhall Square to Southsea Common. It was wonderful to see so many people come together to show support and unity. I was particularly moved to see my daughter raise her voice and hold her placard with pride. She listened to the speakers and their heart-wrenching stories of racism and quiet injustices. She was surprised and dismayed that our society, despite its many advancements, can still be found wanting and may still judge a person, simply by the colour of their skin. Coming home she spent hours researching black history and begged to watch Selma the story of how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led the epic march from Selma to Montgomery to secure equal voting rights. We had many tears throughout the film which led to many subsequent discussions.
Seeing my daughter actively wanting to learn more about black history, I knew there was something I needed to do as well. As a photographer, a photography project seemed to be the response I was looking for.
My project featured women and children of colour in the Portsmouth area. Of all ethnicities, ages and backgrounds. I wanted the portraits to focus purely on them, no distractions…

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