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November 2017

In our loft, carved into a wooden beam, you can just make out the names and dates of the men who built the house in around 1898. On another beam, scratched in biro, someone has written ‘Dave woz here 1978’. The front step worn away by countless footsteps, the redundant picture rails and fireplaces are all reminders of former inhabitants. I think it’s fair to say that most of our city’s housing stock is Victorian, or at least pre-Second World War. But what to do with the numerous commercial buildings that are no longer fit for purpose? Mark Harris takes a look at some of his favourite historic buildings that have been re-used and re-fitted for our time (p.8).

I’m sure previous generations would have had much the same worries that we have to contend with, but it was probably never quite as busy and as stressful as life has become today. John Worsey, speaks about anxiety, and how he has learnt to cope with it (p.43). While David West talks to Kate Thompson about a glamorous holiday in the Bahamas, all filmed for TV but confronting issues surrounding body weight and self confidence (p.64).

We think it all makes for a thought provoking read. As ever, if you have a story to tell, or maybe you would like your home to appear in our Welcome Home feature (p.16), we’d love to hear from you.

Kevin John Dean

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