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October / November 2023

Time is strange commodity — sometimes it flies by, especially when we are on holiday or racing for a train. And then it all slows down again when we lie awake in the wee small hours, or wait for a kettle to boil. Of course one way of marking time is to celebrate an anniversary and not just birthdays and weddings… if you are in business it’s good to recall when and how you started and where you have arrived. In this edition Charlotte Cornelius remembers how she began her jewellery business from her home studio 25 years ago (p 8). Meanwhile Blossom Boutique is celebrating their sixth year on the high street (p.22). Daniel Nowland is thinking about warming foods for the colder months (p.28). And Elios Stone discusses breath work to allow our minds to forget time, to relax, and re-energise (p.10). Whatever your relationship with time, it’s something that moves along regardless of how we spend it. Perhaps the best time is the present, the time we have at this very moment. After all, the past is no longer with us, and the future is unknown.

Kevin John Dean


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