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Property Styling V Interior Design


What is property styling and how does it compare to interior design?
Charlie Smith compares the two services and how they might help you.

Property Styling
The purpose of property styling is often to prepare a home for a sale or refreshing existing décor to present the internal spaces to their full potential. A lick of paint or new soft furnishings can lead to a successful sale of a home as well as giving the existing resident a sense of renewed energy.

Property stylists are experts in creating schemes that are versatile and appealing to
a range of clients or buyers. Clear, uncluttered spaces showcase a room with a clear eye and allow the space to be seen with little distraction.

Furniture and accessory selections by property stylists are based on styles and
colour palettes that present the home in its best light, while creating a look that appears pleasing to the eye. Natural and neutral tones are typically used with some added pops of colour and/or patterns to create interest. Furniture is arranged in a way that creates a effective flow within the space.

Often property styling clients are individuals and/or estate agents who are interested
in investing in the necessary steps to maximise the sale of a property. Sometimes, when a property is struggling to sell on the market, a stylist can transform a property with minimal disruption and quick transformational results. Styling in general is a far more affordable service than a complete interior makeover.

Interior Design
Interior design is all about creating beautiful spatial solutions based on a good understanding of the way you live, your personality, and your style/design preferences. The focus is on tailoring a space with furniture, furniture layouts, decor, and colour palettes making your home a space you’ll love and enjoy coming home to. In a few words, interior design is all about you, your style, and your lifestyle. Interior design often involves structural works and upgrades to your property.

Interior designers are able to listen and understand your personal needs and aspirations for your home. Their expertise lies in creating and bringing to life schemes that are generated through you, to suit you and your aspirations.

Furnishings and finishes are selected according to your taste. With the huge
amount of choice available, interior designers help you navigate through the trends and what’s available in the design market. They are able to zero in on pieces and finishing touches that you will love.


Whether it’s to update the look of your home, or to bring a newly purchased property to life, interior designers can save you stress and money in your purchases.

It’s fair to say, if done well, both services will bring out the very best in your home.

I have worked in interior styling and interior design for over 25 years, and have helped many clients sell — or transform — properties, and renovate new ones. Each service can be tailored to your own home requirements.

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Charlie on 07770568307 or via

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