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Supporting Local Businesses During Lockdown


We’re all adjusting to this strange new lifestyle that has been sprung upon us, as a result of COVID-19. Some of the people most impacted are local small business owners.

However, the lockdown doesn’t need to stop us all from supporting our local small businesses wherever we can and to shop small again, order food deliveries and stay home as much as possible. Who needs a supermarket when Portsmouth has so many businesses that can deliver directly to your home?

So, the question is – what can we, as a community, do to help support our valuable small businesses during this lockdown period?

Food Takeaways

Many of Portsmouth & Southsea’s most popular restaurants have started takeaway services, offering contactless deliveries directly to your doorstep. So, a brilliant way of supporting some of our small businesses is by ordering in – and at the same time, you can treat yourself to a much-needed takeaway! 

Grocery Deliveries

A few businesses have started offering grocery deliveries in and around Southsea, with plenty of choices on offer, all at a budget-friendly price. Whether you’re struggling to get the basics like eggs, flour, butter and pasta, or you’re running low on veg and meat, there is a service to suit you – delivered contactless to your door.


Online Shopping

There are plenty of Southsea-grown businesses who have physical presences on the streets of Portsmouth; however, with the current crisis, the majority of these businesses have moved their trading online. Ranging from beauty to clothing, groceries and ready-made sweet treats, there are plenty of ways you can support these local businesses while we are unable to visit them in person.

Social Media

It’s an obvious one – but also one of the most powerful ways you can support local small businesses during lockdown! Many small businesses rely heavily on social media for their marketing and brand awareness – it’s a great form of free advertising and promotion of their new products or current operations. If you’re already a customer of a local business, show them a little love across social media by sharing photos of the products that you have purchased. If you aren’t already a customer but still want to show your support, simply liking, commenting and sharing social posts can have a huge impact, and means a lot to business owners.


Gift Vouchers

As we are unable to visit many small businesses during this lockdown period, many have started offering gift vouchers as a way to earn a small amount of income while business may have slowed. Whether it’s a gift voucher for a spa treatment in the future, a voucher for some online shopping, or a voucher to use at your favourite independent restaurant in the future, gift vouchers can be a great way to show some support – while also giving yourself or a loved one something to look forward to when this is all over.

We’d love to know how you have been supporting local small businesses during lockdown – let us know!


Written by contributor and local blogger Kat Got Your Tongue

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