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Welcome Home

A black and white approach.
Words by Kate Thompson. Photos: Charlotte Griffiths.

Welcome Home Southsea

Artist Daisy Harris-Burland drew on all the things she loves with a passion when it came to putting her mark on her new home.

A self-confessed Southsea obsessive, there was no doubt in her mind where she wanted to live and when it came to the look and feel for her new abode, she knew her home would be furnished with pre-loved and funky items that reflect her outlook on life.

“I love bold – I am obsessed with black and white. It’s so simple and it makes other items placed near it really pop. I love to wear black and white and stripes so when it came to making an impact on my walls, I didn’t shy
away from having black and white wallpaper from Warwick, and high shine white laminate floors sourced from High Wycombe,” said Daisy.

When she bought her property, it was in a terrible state and needed to be completely gutted.

“A family had rented it before, and the children had drawn all over the walls. It was completely awful, but it was cheap.

“I knew I was going to rent out one of the rooms and use my bedroom as a studio space as well as sleeping there. Luckily the ceilings are really high, so I could put in a cool mezzanine level,” she said.


Welcome Home Southsea

Welcome Home Southsea

Welcome Home Southsea


Daisy has carved an award-winning career creating fashion from recycled material. She has collaborated with Dior, and was named Radical Designer of the Year.

“It all started because I didn’t have the money to get a prom dress, so I made mine out of a couple of bin bags and some magazines.

“It’s been the same with my home. Everything I have in here I’ve done myself, or absolutely scrimped to save for it.

Welcome Home Southsea

“My fridge is just a regular model, but I’ve covered it in copper sheeting.

“My favourite thing is a magazine rack in the bedroom that I made myself, and a bookshelf going across the mezzanine – it seems to just float there and looks so cool,“ she said.

Having since moved her business out to another studio, Daisy admits she loves the clean, calm space she has created as a home.
“My studio where I work is the complete opposite. It’s a total mess – organised chaos.

Welcome Home Southsea

“When I come home, I love it because it is clean and simple.

“I really love living in Southsea. There’s nothing like going and just looking at the sea, walking through the Rock Gardens, and then coming back to my home,” she said.

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