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Celebrating and educating – BLM Movement

Image of Charlotte Griffiths, taken by Hannah Smith, Edited by Charlotte Griffiths

The photographer and marketing consultant, Charlotte Griffiths, took Sienna’s photo – “Why the Black Lives Matter protest was so important to me” article 

Charlotte talks about her reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement and some of her experiences

The BLM movement has given me a voice, because until now, I couldn’t find the words, or feel confident enough to speak about how I feel. 

Racism comes in many different forms and it is something I have experienced at different stages of my life as a child and teen growing up in Waterlooville. And later as an adult, on my own doorstep in Southsea at the time of the referendum, “vote UKIP” was shouted at me from a van window as it drove past. Then a while ago, in front of my eldest child someone shouted a racially offensive word as they cycled away… “mummy, what did they say…?”. 

The day my daughter, at 5 years old, told me she wanted lighter skin, made me so, so sad. I don’t know exactly what happened at school that day, but she came home wanting to be like other children in her class. At 10 years old she is very aware of race, equality and diversity. She is fascinated in learning about black history and was delighted to discover she shares her first name with Harriet Tubman, the former slave and American abolitionist. 

Racism is not new, it has always been with us, and will be until we continue to educate and unite. No judgement, no hate. Pure love.

As a photographer, I feel privileged to announce a photography project with women of colour from Portsmouth that will take place in July. 

If you are interested in taking part email 

Together we will celebrate and educate.

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